Honestly I have not done this journey in so long. My last venture up north was also for a wedding of an university flatmate. I never know why I leave it so long this train journey is beautiful 🏞...
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    Bright and early 6:30am - still dark 🌙
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    King's Cross station 🚂 - a beauty
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    Advantage of being up this early...McDonald's breakfast 🍔☕️ #NoJudgement
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    Remembering to book the seat next to this 🔌🔋#modernissues #longjourney #smart
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    Not much happening at, first stop, Peterborough.
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    Important tune - you know it #Adele #hello
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    4h 30min train ride
    Enough time to catch up some reading. My book club is reading Frankenstein (you know for Halloween 👹) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankenstein
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    Stop 2 - Retford. Has bench
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    Creeping on guy next to me
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    Guy next to me is reading the paper 📰. Wish I got a paper cause 3G is crap. #whentechnologyfails #printisbest Also ⭐️STAR WARS...stamps 📮. #bestinthegalaxy (yes I creeped a photo of the guy next to me reading the paper).
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    Stop 3 - Doncaster. There is a lot more people here then the previous 2 stops but can also be that it is now the godly hour of 9:11am.
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    Stop 6 - with a name like Darlington I imagine this place is real lovely.
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    Bridges 🌉 - we're in Newcastle
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    ⬇️🚻 do you need a male and female before you use this lift?
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    Snacks trolley drama
    Snacks trolley is coming through. I think I would like a tea, bottle of water and packet of crisps. Where is that £10 I'm sure I had, oh of course spent it last night. 'Do you take card?' 'Cash is better & quicker' Hope I have enough cash 'how much is that' '£3,50' 'umm I won't have the water..' 'No it's fine we take card but takes longer'. Feel really bad for bothering him don't even ask for the crisps. #sobritish #fwp #iwantcrisps
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    Train ticket to Edinburgh is expensive
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    Yeah is it - so you better punch my ticket otherwise I would feel like I could have got away with not buying a ticket. Bonus points for being 💛 shape!
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    Oh Scotland coast you are beautiful
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    I'm here!! View from our AirBnb - 2 min crawl from the wedding venue. #forwardplanning
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