Ranked by urgency. Really, this list is more for me then for you. Please ignore (probably delete once I completed). If you haven't got it yet - I'm moving...
  1. Voting registration ✅
    Check if I can update address or have to register again. Important referendum coming up must check ASAP!
  2. Bank ✅
  3. Work ✅
    HR & payroll
  4. Credit cards ✅
  5. Pension policy ✅
  6. Cellphone supplier ✅
  7. Insurance
    Life, dental, products & holiday
  8. Council Tax
  9. Uber & CityMapper ✅
  10. Register with new doctor
    Inform old doctor new address though I think this is automatic via NHS - check just in case
  11. Store cards ✅
    Waitrose, John Lewis, Nectar, Tesco, Boots, Liberty, Foyles, Paperchase...
  12. Online sites ✅
    PayPal, Amazon, supermarket delivery, flower delivery.
  13. Airmiles membership
  14. Netflix?!
  15. Not really an update but maybe tell people I've moved...
    I'll consider this for a bit...🤔