Inspired by @saytrumbo. My Spotify report card.
  1. Starting 2015 off with Eva #perfect
  2. Top artist. I do happily OD on Ryan Adams on a daily bases.
  3. Top album. IMO best live album hence I listen to it a lot.
  4. Top track. This tied with another song but I think I love this one better.
  5. Top genres. I don't even understand these genres, what is chamber pop??
  6. 61 000 minutes. THAT is crazy 😱 but not a surprise. I love music 🎤🎧
  7. I'm very open minded to a wide range of artists.
  8. Yep seems about right.
  9. Special mention: My current obsession 😍
  10. Special mention: haven't even seen this (am in London) and I'm already obsessed. 👌🏼