Online dating is tiring and I dip in and out depending. But these are things I ponder a lot when I'm on it.
  1. Am/will I be catfished?
    I hate that show and never want to be on it. Understandably I am aware that I need to be the one catfishing to unknowingly be on that show...
  2. Is gym/fitness your real hobby?
    If so, then I have like 20 more follow-up questions.
  3. Why do so many insist on group photos profile pics?
    It's mean to you and to me. Don't do it.
  4. Profiles with no real photo.
    Just inspirational sayings or photos of cars etc. Really do you get the point of online dating?
  5. Is it okay to just be rude these days?
    As long as its online it's not 'real' - is that the feeling? Words from behind a screen and far away still have power. Have some manners, is what I try to remember.
  6. To be honest, I'm the worse (aka scared)
    Dating scares me. Putting myself out there scares me. Making the first move scares me. Being rejected scares me.
  7. Being alone scares me too
    But you know, in a comfortable scary way. I have wine, cheese, real great friends, @list peeps, family. Like it could be worse....
  8. Sorry this list took a weird turn - even I wasn't expecting it.
    Daylight saving and 4 day weekend has completely screwed me over. I blame it on that.
  9. Anyway...