Continuing my food journey in the world of Michelin star restaurants...
  1. I have been meaning to go to Pidgin since it opened back in July 2015
  2. Opened by James Ramsden and Sam Herlihy who up till then had ran a supper club called The Secret Larder.
    Kitchen was headed by chef Elizabeth Allen.
  3. It was announced last year they gained their first Michelin star but just as the chef had decided to branch out on her own. ☹️
    Shibui opening last 2017, am excited to go.
  4. Pidgin serves a 4 course set menu which changes every Tuesday.
  5. I arrived and sampled their G & T.
    Between us we tried them all.
  6. Started with an amuse bouche which was an amazingly light pork crackling.
    Of course I forgot to take any photo of that.
  7. Followed by sourdough bread with the softest brown sugar butter.
  8. 1. CRUDO Pickle juice, smoked quinoa, herbs
    Never thought I'd say this - the quinoa was to die for. This whole dish was just amazing as well as colourful.
  9. 2. JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE Blue Monday, black rice amazake, white chocolate, sorrel
    I don't even like blue cheese but...this was 😶
  10. 3. BEEF Onion, celeriac, sourdough, morels, watercress
    brisket bolognese on toasted sourdough bread killed me 😵
  11. 4. GHEWAR Mezcal ice cream, rice paper confetti, caramel, blood orange
    Mezcal ice cream is my new everything
  12. Petit fours
    These after dinner sweet treats were delightful. The white one was my favourite.
  13. We ended the meal being served ice cold Pidgidcello (a take on lemoncello).
  14. I'm still dreaming about this meal.
    Can't wait to go try another week's menu.
  15. If you're ever in London I highly recommend this little place.
    Pidgin. 53 Wilton Way. London. E8 1BG.
  16. Static