Are you watching? Why not?
  1. It's written by everyone's favourite writer
    Amy Sherman-Palladino
  2. Set in the 1950s
    Fashion porn
  3. Cast of your favourites...
    (That you didn't know)
  4. Rachel Poser from House Of Cards
    Rachel Brosnahan
  5. Benji from Frances Ha
    Micheal Zeger
  6. Detective Adrian Monk from Monk
    Tony Shalhoub
  7. Alternate universe Sookie from Gilmore Girls
    Alex Borstein
  8. It's about stand up
  9. Mrs Maisel is a sweetheart
    Yes she talks fast
  10. The pilot is currently free to watch on Amazon Prime Video as part of the Amazon pilot season.
  11. Please watched and vote if you have enjoyed it
    I would very much like to see the next episode 💯👌🏼