1. Got out of bed
    Seriously if I didn't none of this would have happened.
  2. Turned on my work computer
    I handle 8 inboxes, after 4 day weekend I let you imagine the email chaos.
  3. Went to a Tod's sample sale after work
    Also 2 weeks till payday and I'm basically over budget this month.
  4. Buy not 1 but 2 pair of shoes (I really couldn't afford)
    I actually drink and eat and have to pay rent 😫
  5. Want to see what i'd be paying off for the next couple of months?
    Sure I'll show you my joy & pain.
  6. These
  7. And these
  8. Just booked a holiday to New York in May that I need to pay off/save for.
    But also NEW YORK - hit me up New Yorker listers!
  9. I don't even know what's wrong with me.
  10. Why am I the worse?
  11. Giphy
    Do better tomorrow EMMA!
  12. Also don't spend anything for 2/3 weeks.
    Hide in you room. Be a hermit.
  13. Plus side Though I went to see @julianvelard play this Tuesday evening
    He was amazing!