So I fly to New York in less then 24 hours and these are the things, specific to the US, that cause me anxiety:
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    Just want to clarify, I am super excited, as I always am, to go to NYC.
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    Tipping πŸ’΅
    Being British I am in constant fear of under tipping and have that dreaded experience of someone running after you asking if you had a bad service cause you didn't tip enough (I have had 3 different people tell me this happened to them). If it's expected, why can't it be added to the bill? Also I'm sure I didn't tip when I was drunk at a bar last time I was in NY. This shocking fact still haunts me. I'm drunk why are you making me do maths?! Why?! 😞
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    VAT %
    My American friend actually explained the reason why VAT isn't added to the display price till you get to the till to me. I still forget and for a flash second I always think the cashier tallied it up wrong. The fear/embarrassment is real cause I actually did tell a cashier she was wrong once. Again the maths thing. Why?! 😞
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    Getting in an accident πŸ€•
    I have travel insurance, of course I do. But saying that, it still scares me that due to some small technicality I can also not be covered. Recently I had friend of a friend who got badly run over in the US, he was in a coma with major injuries and no one could find his travel insurance documents. The cost to treat him in the US was so high a crowdfunding was created to treat and get him back safely. That really scares me as it could be anyone. I'm grateful for the NHS.
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    SIDE NOTE: If anyone is interested this is Seb and he is recovering. Back safely in UK under the NHS care.
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    Guns πŸ”«
    Yeah sorry Law & Order probably installed this fear in me. I'm no wimp (hell I live in South Africa and they have guns there as well). It's just a bit scary how easy it is to legally get a gun. Yea I'm scared of guns what of it?
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    DO NOT GET ME WRONG! Dammit, I love you New York!
    You entice me time after time but my anxieties are not a reflection of you. They are things I'm not used to and If I ever get to live in you I'm sure I'll learn to embrace it.
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    Not the guns though, never the guns.
    Sorry, not sorry.