You should catch up on my 🚛 lists if you don't know what I'm up to....or not, up to you really. I'm not trying to push anything here.
  1. Missing out on a meet up with @hpryfogle!
    I AM SO SORRY! I had so much Happy Endings topics to discuss with you as well. 😞
  2. Not being able to gab with the girls as much!
    But I was watching 👀 @Lisa_Fav @jessicaz @LeahG (not creepy as all).
  3. Overall stress level
    It's like an automatic switch that is flipped when you know you're moving. I just wander around STRESSED! 😳
  4. Slipping at work cause of 👆🏼
    Been hard to keep up this week at work! My brain has been all over and slipping has just contributed to the stress. 😳
  5. Pretty much being indoor in my basement flat sorting/packing during all my free time!
    For the last 2 weeks...I miss the sun ☀️
  6. Self reflection on amount of material goods owned.
    Why and how do I have so much stuff? Emma get your life together and stop hoarding or being a consumer in such a reckless way.
  7. End is nigh
    Moving day tomorrow! And we all know unpacking is better/easier then packing!
  8. Wish me luck 😁