I do this often
  1. It's Friday
  2. Weekend before payday
  3. Am a bit low on funds as expected
  4. Don't want to go home after work
  5. Head to Oxford Street
  6. Can't buy clothes, mustn't buy clothes
  7. Wait...I can buy food. I do need to eat to survive after all.
  8. *this is completely true and sound*
  9. Go to (usually fancy) supermarket buy loads of food.
  10. Should head home and cook this.
  11. Yeah somehow in my head I have saved/not spent money.
  12. I am proud of myself...
  13. Oh that a new restaurant..I wonder what they do. *look at menu*
  14. I've managed to not but any clothes. I deserve a treat.
  15. Order too much food
  16. While sitting with a bag of food under the table...
  17. 😔
  18. Will I ever learn?
    What I think...
  19. .......
  20. ......
  21. Still worth it
    What I really think...