1. So am in @aus10's Listapp March Madness.
  2. Already I am nervous
  3. Freaking out
  4. And quite scared
  5. I'm kind of stressed....
  6. Wonder how @readjulia is handling it?
  7. She's probably got more chill then me
    Giphy downsized medium
  8. So list ideas....
  9. Have drawn a blank
    This must be what writers block is like
  10. Crap! 💩
  11. Even if I have a list what happens if I lose?
  12. My ego will be bruised but to be honest I brought it on myself...
  13. Why?? Why Emma do you feel the need to join everything on here??
  14. It's catch 22, lf I gets kicked out first round I'd have no more worries
  15. But then I'll be kicked out 😧
  16. Ohh I don't know anymore
  17. Either way I enjoy all your lists and love all you guys & gals 👫👫👫👫
  18. May the best lister win 🏆
  19. And may all of you still like my lists when I get kicked out!
  20. Xoxo. Emma (=^_^=)