I love making lists. Some lists, though, I'll never make.
  1. Favorite recreational drugs
    I don't smoke, drink, huff, snort, etc. I wish nobody else did.
  2. People with whom I'll share filet mignon and bacon tacos
    They're mine! You hear me? ALL MINE!!!
  3. Books I hated from the beginning but finished anyway
    If I hate a book, I will quit it and never go back. Life's too short to read something dumb. Pizza's different. I will plow through it. Which leads to....
  4. Pizzas I met and didn't like.
  5. World leaders I had lunch with.
    Not that I hate any of them or wouldn't pass a background check, I just don't know any.
  6. Brontë books I would recommend.
    See third item on li.st