Nicknames for our dog and the explanations for them (incomplete)

He's a dachshund we adopted in 2010.
  1. Charlie (The only name he recognizes)
    I have more names for him than I do pictures of him.
  2. Chuck
    Because Peppermint Patty called Charlie Brown that.
  3. Charles Barkley
    Because he barks a lot.
  4. Chewbarka
    Because he chews and barks a lot.
  5. Sir Barks a Lot
    Because he barks a lot.
  6. Chewbarfa
    Because he chews a lot and then barfs.
  7. Charlie Chuck
    Because it's fun to say, "What's up, Charlie Chuck?"
  8. Lil' Log Dog
    Because he's a dog that looks like a log.
  9. Fatty
    Because his stubby legs don't reach the ground. JK but it's a fun visual, right?
  10. Floppy ears
    Because they flop when he shakes the water off his head after I spray him with the water hose. Why the water hose? Because he's trying to come through the fence and that leads to...
  11. Chuckles
    Because it makes me laugh when he gets his head stuck in the fence.
  12. Stupid
    Because he gets his head stuck in the fence. Don't worry. This name doesn't hurt his feelings. He only knows his real name.
  13. Light snack
    Because we have coyotes behind our house.
  14. Charles in Charge
    Because he's not. Not even of his bladder.