A lot of organizing and pretending that I know things when I really don't.
  1. Google is my best friend.
    75% of the time when I'm helping you behind the counter it's actually Google helping you. This includes when you ask me the about an author's latest book, other books by them etc.
  2. My recommendations are the internet's recommendations
    Apart from the classics and books I've personally read, I recommend books that the Internet recommends.
  3. My knowledge of most books extends to the blurb of those books.
    I know as much about the book as the blurb gives.
  4. The Kids Section is never organized.
    The Kids' Section is the only Section that's never in alphabetical order because it only lasts for 8 seconds.
  5. Our business books are the most shoplifted books.
    Probably says something about society?