They're not even sad videos. I just stumbled upon them at a time in my life where the content of the video triggered off an emotional response.
  1. A Monster Calls Trailer
    When you're angry, feel it all. Sit in it. Hold it in your hands. Let it wash over you. Let it pass.
  2. Arnold Singing Chandelier from the series 'Please Like Me'
    When it sounds like Arnold isn't good at singing. And then he progresses. It's like a metaphor.
  3. Tom, Ella, Josh, Claire and Arnold singing 'Someone Like You' to Adele, the transgender chicken
    If that heading isn't enough of an incentive for you to watch the show then okay. It's just got a pure feeling about it.
  4. Adele performing 'Someone Like You' at Glastonbury
    Okay, this may not have been a YouTube Video. I may have seen it on Twitter. It's like a collective catharsis.