Thank you ♠️
  1. Starting with a day off in the sunshine
    drinking fresh vegan pina coladas
  2. Being naked on a beach in mexico with Heterolifemate, finally feeling stronger than life
  3. Jaden brought me crystals, one for healing and one for purity of future
  4. She also brought pizza
  5. My house is a garden
    I used to hate flowers, but now I like flowers. Also it was my birthday
  6. Best meal of my entire life
    Sushi Park c/o @jeffsojka
  7. I took my mom to a private show of an album that helped her through so much
    for my birthday, invited by the singer, and they got to speak afterwards about the heart and meaning behind it for each of them. I haven't seen her that happy and at peace in so long
  8. I unpacked. (:
    My house became a home
  9. A real life fairy woke me up with champagne, a dozen roses, a cookie cake, and a butterbeer latte
  10. A Myers Parrot landed on my shoulder and rubbed his little green head against my shoulder and coo'd
  11. The bestfriend of this guy who was hawllering at me explained life to me
    and how it pertains to my heart + my next steps + my healing
  12. Getting a hookah for my treehome
  13. The staff at Bed, Bath, and Beyond were honestly so nice to me
    They made adulting so much less daunting. Nothing but luv for you, BB&B