A Scattered Collection of Thoughts on Love, Loss, and Heartbreak, in Honor of Valentine's Day

with a strong assist from old unpublished notes on my phone and a gif maker
  1. Loneliness is poison.
  2. Falling in love is a cocktail of all powerful things...
    Passion, trust, war
  3. Real talk I don't let boys sleep in my bed with me because I talk in my sleep and neither of us need to hear that
  4. The worst part of a goodbye is the emo lead up where you can't even enjoy being together
    "The day you left, it rained."
  5. We all have a unicorn.
    Some first date that never got a second, an 'if only' or a victim of poor timing,
  6. In real life heartbreak, there's a lot more gray area. The heroes are the bad guys sometimes and you can be both or neither
    Also this is livejournal af. Sharpie your nails and write this on your chucks
  7. Yo ghost on those ghosts
    If they don't fight for themselves, how are they tryna fight for you? Hard pass
  8. DON'T
  9. LOOK
  10. BACK.
    You're allowed to be happy, just like they're allowed to stay sad.
  11. But I'd be down to fall in love again