Not seen. Purchased.
  1. Holographic iPhone 4 case
    it's a wolf turning into a tiger
  2. Floral baseball cap
  3. Probably three hundred Slurpees
    or more
  4. Lollipop with a scorpion innit
  5. A homemade horror movie
    CGI ogre
  6. Sewing needles
    for stick-n-pokes
  7. Cheese that doesn't need to be refrigerated
  8. An XL flannel shirt
    basically a gown
  9. Nail polish
    feat. sparkles
  10. Taxidermy crocodile head
  11. Pickle in a bag
  12. Puka shell necklace
  13. Inner tube
  14. An "ALIEN CROSSING" sign
  15. All jerkies
  16. gas
    Suggested by @sojka