1. Spicy Mescal Cucumber Cocktail
    He matched me round for round for round.
  2. Cappellano Borolo
    A nice and old bottle by an educated food and wine man. Impressive, but kinda just words to me?
  3. Old Fashioned
    with no opinion on the bourbon. Respectable for a party foul
  4. Nice Champagne
    Chosen at liquor store worker's suggestion. Ivy league grad tennis champ that works in finance and is super chill
  5. Stella
    It's offseason. Beer is sooo extra
  6. "Sweet Berry Wine"
    "Whatever stains my teeth, I love that shit"
  7. Death In The Afternoon
    Absinthe and champagne. @olive calls him my art hoe but is this not the sexiest?
  8. Peppermint Tea
    That's what's up.
  9. Kombucha Ginger Beer
    Alchemist/Shaman/instagram poet
  10. Mojito.
  11. Vodka soda.
    Closeted alcoholic.