Requested by Z

Dope Things to Do in Russia

  1. Meat wrapped in carbs
    there's like 14 different types and everything pickled and that's the menu
  2. See the crown jewels
    literally piles and piles of diamonds and rubies and emeralds and did you know gold bars exist in real life
  3. Walk around
  4. Get whipped with branches at a bathhouse
    into it
  5. Champagne with lunch
    as opposed to my usual. champagne FOR lunch
  6. Kremlin
  7. Cathedrals
  8. Red Square
  9. Hookah
    they bring it to your table at restaurants and you're smoking out of a grapefruit
  10. Vodka
    it's not my stuff but it goes down like water here
  11. Karoake
    it's the 2nd biggest place for karaoke after Japan. mixes well with vodka
  12. Make lists
  13. Go shopping at the mockup store inside your friend's office and take everything
    including a suitcase because you only brought a backpack and a trenchcoat and you need room because you took everything
  14. Have a driver
    Everyone here has one? Also mixes well with the vodka
  15. Opera at the Bolshoi
    apparently the one place here they don't appreciate karaoke