Girl's first sushi! A verbatim list.
  1. "I like seaweed"
  2. "Is there etiquette to this was that wrong"
  3. "Is this sauced? Is this sauced? Is this sauced"
  4. "Could I have been putting ginger on this? I regret"
  5. "That's really painful"
  6. "Mama bear? Papa bear? BB BEAR??"
  7. "I'm not mad about it. It's been a fun experience. None of this has been bad"
  8. "These are things that I like"
  9. "Listen what i don't want is a slab of fish on some rice i can't do it"
  10. "Is the last thing crab? I'm for that."
  11. Verdict: @emilyselizabeth is not a sushi fan
  12. Verdict: @sojka is taking her to kazunori
  13. "I wish I didn't feel the pressure to eat it so fast"
  14. "I sometimes have just one hiccup?"
  15. "I'm happy about it it was worth the experience"