Emojis Acceptable to Use for a 30-plus Man

glad you asked, @bjnovak
  1. β€’
    All good ways to button a conversation or acknowledge a decision. Men over 30 have fun using these sarcastically. It's cooler if it's not yellow
  2. β€’
    "Yeah! I did man things" or "You killed it at a thing! Great job!"
  3. β€’
  4. β€’
    Love a good smirk; general smug vibes or "I have a secret". Be careful with this one so that people do not think you're a serial killer
  5. β€’
    means "please don't hate me" or "this is awkward". Use in place of: cheeky monkeys, any emoji with its tongue out
  6. β€’
    obviously a crowd fav; a bold choice in this demo. use to show that you like something but don't use it for things you love and don't use it for things you crave that's abusing it
  7. β€’
    For good measure. Inside every man is a basic bitch n usually vice versa
  8. β€’
    okay that's all