I don't hang out with many famous people and my life this week has been somehow inundated with successful musicians that pretty much seem like:
  1. Matt Healy is like if someone cast Johnny Depp to play Matt Healy in an after school special
  2. The Weeknd is like fun sized and his hair is a nike swoosh but he talks as melodically as he sings
    He's just as gentle and charmingly more respectful than his music but lowk it's still really hard to look him in the eye bc you know he about it
  3. Josh Hutcherson makes the bombest absinthe drip it's like he's an old man from Amsterdam
  4. Ed Sheeran is a freak of nature and breathes talent and wears genuine humility like an old tshirt
  5. That group Rixton has one of the most dynamic live shows I've seen in a bit
    Drummer's way too cool for the band, but that frontman is relentlessly charismatic
  6. Gigi Hadid actually looks like that. But prettier.