1. Tennis Balls
    It's so hard to find parking at my chiropractor
  2. My Art
    Snapchat standards
  3. This Rug
    It matches the sky when the fog rolls in
  4. Static
    His birthday, a screening of Kraftland as a List App meetup idea, etc
  5. ANTI
    Consideration, Needed Me, Desperado, Love on The Brain, Never Ending, Yeah I Said It, Woo, Higher, a Tame Impala cover?? These SONGS. This ALBUM.
  6. Also see, Kendrick's "untitled unmastered."
    and "iii" -Miike Snow and "Life Of Pablo" still idec
  7. This video of Sir Nicholas Winton, who organized a rescue operation saving 669 Jewish Czechoslovakian kids from Nazi death camps in 1938-1939, being surprised by them 50 years later:
  8. Hogwarts!!!!!1!
    My dad got me and @stephen's passes at CostCo
  9. Kawhi Leonard
    I know this is always I just missed him and am glad to have him back, especially playing next to Aldridge. Kilt both Detroit and the Pelicans this week. Excited to have Ginobli back too soon he's just not my husband so
  10. Spinelli IRL or Sav's laundry day look?
    The answer may surprise you
  11. Politics
  12. This @samlansky original:
    It went down in the @replies