Gotta Lotta Enemies

real talk: why being a terrible person is a waste of time
  1. Do you think it's gangster to fuq with people
  2. I'm seriously asking you
  3. Have you or have you not discovered that life is difficult and unpredictable and glorious and frustrating for literally almost everyone of us all trying to do it
  4. And wouldn't you agree that it only makes you look bored and pathetic to require literally any sort of destruction where there could just as easily be growth
  5. Don't be a sad person
  6. Pat your fellow gangster on the back and say "I know you're packin
  7. "I'm packing too
  8. "and if you need help wit that you let me know
  9. because I'm between battles"
  10. or "I could use a change of battlefield"
  11. Be a gangster of emotional responsibility
  12. It makes you tougher
  13. pow pow