just based on my common vernacular, it'd probably be one of these
  1. Not without my backpack
  2. I could eat
  3. Why did I wear heels
  4. Running 5 minutes late
    probably an understatement
  5. I'm America's Nanny!
  6. Yo
    my reaction to anything astonishing, interesting, or impressive
  7. Yeah, I'm back in town! Just leaving again tomorrow but I'll let you know when I'm back in town
    rinse. repeat
  8. Tite
  9. Pretty stoked to die alone
    you'd be surprised how often this comes up
  10. I didn't see it
    I'm very bad about going to the movies and also I run into things a lot
  11. F--k that guy
  12. I'll just be here
  13. Oh dude sorry did you think I was gonna sleep with you
  14. Yeah no
  15. OR we could put on hoodies and Postmates champagne to my house and not go out