category: lifestyle
  1. smores
  2. antibiotics
  3. the Rap Horn app
    six at a time; poppin' off
  4. terrible nail art
  5. watermelon
  6. crop tops in place of bras
  7. grocery shopping at my parents' house
    came up on graham crackers, solo cups, boxed wine, and obligatory judgement within an enabling lifestyle
  8. black and white tattoos on cut biceps of endearingly delicate things
  9. Cards Against Humanity, just as reading material
  10. trying to answer how I know the gang of hot powerful lesbians in the corner without actually saying "literally just met them in my own home"
  11. the australian accent
  12. the manchester accent
  13. screaming people's names in the rap horn tone
  14. the ever-growing lost & found in my home
    Come get your stuff!
  15. four fireworks shows at once
    siqq view of the valley
  16. Ed Sheeran friendship tour tats
  17. staying in bed all day Sunday
  18. the budweiser box as the only semblance of a flag in existence that was not on a denim butt