Jaden Smith Is Telling Us What He Wants

Jaden Smith's tweets have been increasingly straightforward. This month, Jaden Smith wants
  1. to influence fashion
  2. He wants to offer you wisdom that will out live y'all's relationship
  3. He wants truth for Christmas
  4. He wants to open one present early
  5. and to've been ryan gosling four days ago
  6. He is tired of being chris pratt this month
    I have never seen them in the same room except maybe a couple awards shows...
  7. He presumably wants people to take him seriously when he's told them what he wants
  8. He wants his k pop album to help someone else some day the way kid cudi's album actually helps him through life
  9. He wants us all to get along with the reasoning that death never stops happening to us all
  10. He wants what we all want,