Literally Verbatim: Pop Culture Edition

I overheard all of these in one night. V educational
  1. "Why is nobody talking about the dead person in Demi Moore's pool"
  2. "The mother-daughter benders are a dark journey"
  3. "Queen of Pop, Heidi Montag, is awaiting her comeback"
  4. "They're out of money since they spent 500 grand on crystals, which I respect"
  5. "I am no Erin Brocovich but that seems fucked up"
  6. "Where is Taylor Momson? Oh she's actually here tonight. She's bleeding into the pool"
  7. "The daughter is not okay. Is she freebasing yet?"
  8. "Let's have a prayer circle for Kelly Rutherford"
    "TRAPPED in the south of France"
  9. "The name on everyone's lips, Hermes Rutherford"
  10. "I had a therapist tell me I was overtherapized and underrecovered"
  11. "I loved Nicole Simpson's nachos I was so sad when she passed"
  12. "When I get murdered by my husband, an ex NFL player, I'm gonna email you all a recipe to put in the book"
  13. "It's always Kris."