this is that @stephen / @stacymichelle / Mario Kart sampler platter
  1. Do you even have a little brother
  2. How are you so confused
  3. Neurotic. And erotic?
  4. Is your dad mister chuck e cheese
  5. When you add salt, are you just eating rocks? Is that what that is?
  6. Is this everything you'd hoped it'd be and then some debby
  7. Remember that time I got sent home from work for essentially being emotionally unstable
  8. Are these bears weed in them
  9. I'm albright blah blah blah could my dick be any smaller
  10. Is it just me or have I always been in first place
  11. Is physical violence an answer to this game
  12. Are we gonna have a lesbian relationship
    Steven to Stacy
  13. Did anything exist before this song
  14. Princess daisy are you kidding me
  15. What if I said I don't know what's happening
  16. Why are we still playing this game
  17. It's like that part in that one song we like.
    Suggested by @stacymichelle
  18. Are you kidding me around
    Suggested by @stacymichelle