1. Oop! Not my president.
  2. Julio!
  3. He said "BYE"
  4. You guys got any wagers?
  5. Yeah let's meme up bro
  6. He's injured? What's he doing there I'd be chilling
  7. It's just sudoku
    re: coach furiously marking clipboard
  8. I didn't know Josie and the Pussycats had a political commentary
    He wasn't paying attention
  9. OH MY GOSH HE DIDn't catch it
  10. Gave him a stunner
  11. He's cryin'!
  12. Mike Pence is drinking an o'douls
  13. They're SO embarrassed
  14. Are you feeling sad? Awwww are you feeling low? How ya feeling? Still POSITIVE?!