Lessons from the year that lowkey wrecked and built me. Thanks @Nicholas you're a real one
  1. Gotten everything in writing
  2. Moved in fully and completely before resuming work
    My Gate Opener Is Not Attached To My Car Buttons Nine Months Later, and other first-time homeowner procrastinations
  3. Never apologized unless I was sorry
  4. Made more eye contact
    Communicated less.
  5. Stopped before I felt it
    An open bar, seeing someone, a higher-risk investment...
  6. Forgiven before I forgot
    I'm smarter than to believe people that have proven themselves reckless, unhappy, malicious. I'm loyal to a fault (read: stubborn). 🎶 A domesticated tiger could spoon you from birth and would still rip your face off 🎶
  7. Pocketed my phone for every meeting and hang.
  8. Kept things separated
    Compartmentalization is key
  9. Taken a klonopin or whatever and just gone to the chemo facility
    It something seems important to feel, don't be ashamed of what it makes you feel. Just be there
  10. Exercised my road doggie stamina on the sprints as well as the marathons
    Those tend to be the ones with the longest recovery time. Uncle @john please advise
  11. Guarded relationships I cared about from the friendships I was building,
    particularly from those who find identity in whomever's lap they're in
  12. Protected my time and been a more proactive maid of honour
    I was such a solid best man though
  13. Not expected so much from the Cowboys
    After the whole Dez/incomplete call last year, I wanted him to make this season wish it was never born. I wept in front of @snoopdogg the night we beat the Redskins but also my eyes burned so
  14. Shout out to those of you that did this the hard way and came through to List the tale
    You probably warned me
  15. To those of you who haven't learned any of these lessons yourself,