and the lessons they should've taught me
  1. "Little girl, high off the ground / don't trip, it's a long way down"
    - Mulholland Drive || keep your mind clear and your eyes steady. it's an unforgiving climb from rock bottom
  2. "I wanna feel it all; the hurt, the fight / the ships in the night kinda fire cuz I'm pissed and I'm missing you / the fall, the thrills, the chills / I gotta know it's real; hit me hard in the heart / I wanna feel it"
    - the Fall || stop self-medicating. take the bad so you can also get the good
  3. "It's hard to get found when lost feels so right"
    - Mulholland Drive || you'll justify anything; you're a loophole queen. but perspective. measure your mind against your compass
  4. "I've been dumb and so heartsick / dumb enough to fall for all of my heart's tricks"
    - Secondhand || don't be so cautious of other people that you forget to keep yourself right. a bruised heart wants to break itself
  5. "Dime a dozen with a pretty face; looking for a little time to waste / I just want to forget all the things that forgot me / You could've been anyone, but trigger happy met a loaded gun..."
    - It's Not Personal || desperate times mustn't call for desperate hookups
  6. "Cash in on my wayward thoughts / I'll show you how I dream"
    - Follow || sometimes it's not love you're looking for. it's enough to just wanna be understood
  7. "Tossing and turning awake in the night / helplessly burning up in candlelight / holding on tightly to all that is real / 'cause when the dark falls, I burn what I feel"
    - Waltz (When The Dark Falls) || you dream when you're helpless about what you think about when you're careless. maybe that's why you're afraid to fall asleep. guard your mind bb db
  8. "I taste desire off your silver tongue / and it colours me green"
    - One More || talk is cheap and nickel is dangerous. don't fuck with writers.
  9. "We're just kids; we'll be alright / uptown stars in downtown skies / drunken love is overpriced / your blue blood; my red wine / so hold on tight in this neon life / we're just kids chasing time / we'll be just fine..."
    - Midnights || don't 👏🏼 take 👏🏼 any of it 👏🏼 too 👏🏼 seriously
  10. "It'll all make sense someday"
    - Mulholland Drive ||