idk Beej but here are some drafts
  1. I can taste you on my lips | glass bottle lover so hard to resist | all that body, gotta sweet finish | these frisky treats and whiskey tricks | I'm drinking the stars | You're swallowing hard
  2. You read me like a mirror | You close me like a book | You're speaking like you hear me | But where's my second look
  3. Every stranger knew they were laying in his ghost | Every bottle that touched my lips chased his name the most
  4. I was a waste of you
  5. Sitting in your kitchen | Veuve bottle sipping | Pretty white lies in a little black dress
  6. Mornings like these feel like regrettable nights | Lows like these show incredible sights
  7. Wanting you keeps me caught | Getting you feels like letting go
  8. I don't like only knowing people in the low light | bailing, and trailing a window after midnight
  9. Secondhand smoking off your nicotine lips | Interstellar lover in a lunar eclipse
  10. I put flowers by my bedside | Cuz I miss waking up to something that's alive
  11. and I just think someone should rhyme "tonight" with "alright" in a pop song