1. stopping at yellow lights
    it's nice just to sit for a minute
  2. sleeping in the bath
    I wake up pretty often to the flickering of a dying candle, and find myself just neck-deep in lukewarm water oops
  3. 20 minute birthdays
    being a person can be heavy daunting, but good friends are worth a rally. if you can't marathon, sprint hard. I've been doing a thing where anywhere I go, I'm REALLY there until I gypsy fade when the music picks up
  4. do it alone
    intentionally and peacefully
  5. water
    always a thing I could drink more of
  6. don't look at it
    if I don't wanna see it. I don't ask if I don't wanna know
  7. naps
    see: do it alone
  8. escape room/dirtbikes/KBBQ/soccer
    tactile adrenaline teambuilding vibe(s)