1. Monster
    didn't deny it. told him he was a mess, "but you get me in and out of a little black dress". then wrote a song called It's Not Personal
  2. Trouble
    some App guy that went from a trailer to a gaudy mansion in a year. Caught me making unimpressed quips in the corner and approached me with, "And what's your story, Trouble? Why you got that chip on your pretty little shoulder" which would've been charming if it wasn't revolting
  3. Freckles
    few get close enough to notice them. few blatantly rip off Lost
  4. Princess
    in a sweet way, and in a snarky way, neither of which I like
  5. Punk
  6. Red
    i'm now blonde so n/a
  7. Dawg
    Zane only calls me dawg, especially following "Know whattah mean"
  8. Best Man
    my brother Chase, ever since I agreed to be the best man for his wedding, it's all he calls me
  9. Whites
    Johnny had to shorten "my favourite white girl"
  10. Roxie
    i have a weakness for Chicago and have been known to do a fearless rendition of this one...
  11. Mom
    on the internet it's a big thing and fanboys do all sorts of shit but this vibes like an Oedipus complex and feels weird