there are plenty more but these are the most imminent
  1. trust fund kids that pretend they're relatable
    no I am not equally saddened by your yacht being cleaned on vacation from the job you don't have
  2. no turn-signal turners
    get off of the road. if u can't let us know what ur doing ur not welcome here
  3. anyone insulting anyone's momma
    that's the one rule in prisons
  4. sentence begin-and-bail-ers
    what? tell me?! stop making me need something i never knew i wanted
  5. people referring to public figures by their first name or a NiiiCkNAmE?!
    nope just because you're a fan of 'b-rad' and 'angie' doesn't mean u exist to them calm down
  6. people who type LiKe tHiSsS?!?!
  7. what is a fuckboy
    i feel like they should be on this list
  8. hot topic
    okay yes but why
  9. also socks and sandals
    life is not coachella
  10. skinny people who talk about how much they ate
    you know what you're doing
  11. that guy who brings an acoustic guitar to parties or events because he 'just had it with' him
    and only knows Jumper
  12. Hitler
  13. if your dog spends more time in a purse, sling, or baby björn
    you should rly not
  14. people with accents
    they should just not, because they know we can not
  15. people who try to make you feel guilty for being happy
    because it's easier for them than learning how to be
  16. everyone involved in this situation
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    I took this photo myself which means I should also, by association, not