I ran away to sunny Mexico and stayed off my phone but evidently racked up curiosity. Then I got back and Googled these things:
  1. homemade piña colada recipe
  2. are cockroaches killable?
  3. Edward Snowden
  4. plane crash landing at LAX
    happened while boarding my flight
  5. dim sum on the west side
    hadn't even gone home yet
  6. homeopathic bug bite relief
  7. west nile virus
  8. symptoms of west nile virus
  9. yellow fever
  10. cuddly low maintainence pets
    Rats. The verdict was rats. I want kittens
  11. west nile virus deaths
  12. the Bird and the Bee
    they had a show the day I got back that my bestfriend wanted to go to for his birthday
  13. masonic lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetary ghost stories
    where the show was
  14. not receiving iMessages to iPhone
    Suggested by @stacymichelle