I'm nearing the 24th hour of a stomach virus quarantine
  1. Yarn me
    - MadeByLondon on IG
  2. Kawhi Leonard coming in clutch with 21 of San Antonio's 117 points against the Suns
    My bb
  3. The BRAT diet
    Can we discuss my father? Such a dream
  4. Ready to go back to work
    Look I made friends my first day
  5. My hips, my back...
    My legs don't really know how to stack themselves (in bed or on the bathroom floor) in a way that doesn't give me shin splits and joint pain. Also my body didn't understand that my stomach was empty so it just kept trying and now my lower back needs walking on.
  6. Nothing Can't Be Changed
    I need this. Menashé's delicious guitaring and Kéren's whimsy and just the whole thing: http://youtu.be/hXQNtbWd2G8
  7. Compiling my cash for a cab to the drugstore
    I usually walk everywhere, but this way makes me look like a rapper. Yeah okay, it's all ones. A rapper.
  8. This.
    But I still haven't gotten dressed for the drugstore
  9. Why do they tuck the blankets in so tite and short
    and how are the sheets always chilled?