This is an arsenal of things I always have on my person, in my bag or on my floorboard:
  1. Flats
    for places I take my shoes off... pilates, fittings, sweat lodge, a pedicure maybe idk
  2. The Sneaker
    I often schedule things within a mile proximity of one another so I can park somewhere for a few hours and walk from spot to spot
  3. A Heel
    usually some versatile black sandal situation, for these warm LA nights. I often go straight to a dinner from afternoon stuff, so ya girl tryna get that day-to-night.
  4. Coconut Pull Sachets
    Swish in traffic
  5. Quarters
    The treehouse swear jar filled up fast, so meters are easy.
  6. Hand Sanitizer
    Important to maintain newness
  7. Pockets
    • ID, credit card, tinted chappie, car key, $20, and my pocketknife.
  8. Moleskine
    If I don't schedule it within that minute, I don't schedule it. God bless @stacymichelle
  9. Hot/Cold Water Bottle
    Everytime I refill it throughout the day, I throw in—
  10. Mixxxers
    I squeeze half a lemon in my hot water in the morning, and depart with the other half in my bottle. Matcha packets, aloe, apple cider vinegar, essential oils, stevia for coffee...
  11. Makeup
    • A taupey brown (brows/liner/contour), a deep warm red (lips, cheeks, eyes), bb cream with an SPF, mascara, and a handful of great brushes.
  12. Pens and Paper
    Sometimes a To-Do pad, sometimes a small journal, usually both
  13. Kit
    • Dry shampoo, hair ties, topstick, safety pins, band-aid, migraine meds, eye drops, inhaler, small nail file
  14. Sealed Manila Envelope
    • European passport, new identity, burner phone and fifty thousand dollars cash in international currency in case I need to disappear quickly
  15. Phone Charger
    Never let it get below 50%