1. the place that doesn't take reservations
    or seat until your entire party is present and at attention
  2. the kind where you could die in the parking lot
    usually in a strip mall
  3. the ones with pictures on the menu
    they usually have chicken teriyaki as well
  4. the extreme condiment rationing place
    yes you can have ponzu but we will give you ponzu only when we think you should have it and you get no extra ponzu
  5. baked sushi?!?!
  6. the ones that exist for birthday parties
    read: anywhere you've had a sake bomb
  7. big plates, ornate asymmetrical garnishes, teeny tiny sushi
    v good sushi. suggest- take a second mortgage on your house before you go
  8. discovering new sea creatures
    it looks like a squid but feels like a brillo pad?
  9. menu themes
    cities? classic films?
  10. rolls with mexican elements?
    ???? I love Mexican food, not when decorating my sushi
  11. apologetic ones
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  12. Ones that also have a chinese buffett
    Suggested by @erichutchinson