Some people believe the lunar cycle affects human behavior in a sort of tidal force effect on the water in the brain/body. This has been proven scientifically improbable, but I still feel whack like:
  1. Super affectionate feelings
    towards those who've hurt me / towards whom I usually have a wall up
  2. Ravenous for cleaning
    Strong desire to make things right. Intimidated by my outside life, so starting in my environment
  3. Wide open eyes
    I've been sleepy all day, worked, traveled. And somehow as the sun went down, I got wider awake,
  4. Smoking sounds disgusting
    I might even eat a lemon or go on some cleanse. I want chemicals out of me YA FEEL
  5. Everything's a little too loud
    I sit on drum risers during soundcheck. Somehow the gravel under tires right now sounds like thunder
  6. I am hungry but I am always hungry
    That one's not weird just wanted to put it out there
  8. Update: I wrote my friend who does energy healing and stuff with crystals. I don't fully buy it, but it's very interesting---
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