The Desert

My last meeting was at noon, and the borrowed time went to the modern mid century dreamland of Palm Springs.
  1. The drive was silent sometimes and also there was trap music.
    and sometimes I was reading scripts to myself and sometimes there was unison hawllering to future.
  2. We swam at the Ace and talked about our grandmothers, then we got postcards to send them.
  3. It was v humanizing to be in open skies after weeks in the bleak NY cityscape.
  4. Dinner was nearly ruined by ESPN updates as my team lost to the Clippers.
    so devastating bc obviously we JUST got Duncan back for that win against the Magic after EIGHT games without (tbh) the team's anchor, plus Ginobli's out bc of his balls but now Leonard's gone for Lakers tomorrow it's just sickening conditions to eat tacos to
  5. I gave a sticknpoke of a minimalist cactus.
    Moonlight's like that.
  6. Tried on coats c/o the vintage market, settled on not this one.
    my shirt shows my enthusiasm for calculator functions.
  7. Didn't even realized we wandered until sunrise.
  8. It was really pretty and lovely and I didn't wear makeup the whole time.
    The End