1. I should probably knock this over
  2. Ugh so tired from sleeping all day
    I need a nap
  3. What a nice fluffy pretty cat bed you got me I think I'll lay in the empty box next to it to mock you
  4. Oh cool, a boob! I'm going to jump on it
  5. Is that a butterfly oh my god I love a good butterfly where is it going come back
  6. Maybe I'll just go ahead and put my nose on that
  8. Food sounds nice. No not my food. Whatever you're eating
  9. That was not good I'll just spit it here on the table where you're eating xo
  10. Wonder how long I can look her dead in the eyes whilst sensually pawing her before she feels perverted for putting up with it and fakes a phone call to a boy for my benefit even though I am a cat
  11. You're wearing black
    I got this