packed a month of my life into a coffin sized space and never felt so free
  1. Candle
    It's little things, but having your revolving door environment smell familiar is so comforting
  2. Library
    I brought seven books; two of them are journals so I'm gonna alternate input/output
  3. Chewable melatonin
    Sleeping issues are a real thing and also they taste like candy
  4. Ukelele
  5. Three (3) packages of glow-in-the-dark stars for my bunk
  6. More underwear than I plan on needing
  7. A disposable camera that prints cats on the photos
    You guys
  8. N64, Kart, two original controllers
  9. Organic gummy bears
  10. Medicines/vitamins
    B12 dots, anti-depressant, antibiotic for this bronchitis/sinusitis combo I'm working with rn, probiotic, inhaler (anti-inflammatory right on the vocal chords yah)
  11. StoneWave (as seen on TV)
    Fast poached eggs in the microwave
  12. Crystals
    Tourmaline, selenite, phantom quartz
  13. Throat coat tea
    Song nectar!
  14. Truffle oil
    I cook when I'm anxious, and these boys gotta eat well
  15. Tempurpedic pillow
    It was a very thoughtful gift because of my back problems, so it also reminds me that I have loved ones that want me to be well
  16. Swimsuit
    idk adventures
  17. Nickelboard
    Love to wander, hate to walk
  18. Dry shampoo!
    I can only wash it once a week so this is key
  19. Pink hair conditioner for the left side of my head
    1262d89c ac9d 4a91 bcb5 4055d89e82dc
  20. Tiny humidifier
    idk climates change?