Things I Miss About LA When I'm Not There

You have to realize it's mostly people with me.
  1. my kitchen
    I've been using people for their stoves
  2. my brother and sister in law
    @thechaseryan @electric and I are v happy together
  3. the topography
    need a good hike
  4. old mate @sojka and our hobby of the month club
    feat. oldest mate @stephen
  5. cozy movie nights at Petit
  6. making music with my husband and planning world domination with my wife
  7. the cutest parents ever
    I'm half of each of them
  8. furry little dreamboats
  9. kart
  10. my Aussie/Hillsong LA fam
    avo toast and a double flat white, feat. @juliawann
  11. jacket optional weather
    jacket optional dress code
  12. tiny bunny adventures