or: things to do instead of dying
  1. Take your meds every day
    I know this is a bit of a topic, and I agree that a lot is probably overdiagnosed for the benefit of the medical/pharmaceutical industries. I also know that someone very close to me won the fight, but still takes chemo meds because Stage 4 cancer is aggressive. Depression is too, so keep yourself in remission.
  2. Don't take sunshine for granted
    There will be days where your mind is not raining on you. Be very very present and thankful. Write little notes for sad-you to find when the clouds come back. Don't ever forget this person exists, and they are not a visitor. Your mind is their home.
  3. Be cute
    Write a letter to family member. Tie a ribbon in your hair. Throw a tea party even if nobody's invited. Get yourself grocery store sunflowers and put them in a Tennessee Honey bottle. Do little things you can accomplish that make you feel lovely.
  4. Don't fuss
    Sometimes, you don't remember the last time you felt beautiful. Putting on makeup and wearing pretty clothes can feel futile and discouraging. Know that not having to wear makeup is a luxury in this society. Be proud to afford yourself that.
  5. Hit snooze
    Blankets feel safe.
  6. But don't stay in bed all day
    Makes it worse. Trust me. Build a fort. Take a bath. Go for a walk or sit by a window
  7. Destructive < constructive
    There are times that you want to drop things because everything's heavy. And there are times you want to punch things or throw things or smash them to prove you can make them break. I had a bin next to my recycle of glass jars and bottles for overcast days. It's important to remember that at the heart of that craving for destruction is just the desire to make things change at your own hands. Turn it into productivity. Now I keep a list of small non-urgent tasks that make me feel accomplished.
  8. Surround yourself with people like this
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  9. And people like this
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  10. The Chicago soundtrack, loud
    "Some guys just can't handle their arsenic..."