1. Parking in LA
    If it's over 3 blocks away or 10 bucks, I'm ubering.
  2. Hiring dormant potential
    Training you makes me better. Wanting it for you is a waste of my business.
  3. The Emoji
    It's a crutch.
  4. Fuccboys
    A fuccboy with a midlife crisis is still a fuccboy.
  5. Drunkenness
    Yours or mine
  6. Body-shaming
    Yours or mine
  7. Making up with fake friends
    I'm going to be the bigger person and leave it. Don't make me pretend you're actual if you aren't actual.
  8. Gloss
    Keep it sharp. Keep it low maintenance.
  9. Spearmint
    I'm about that blue