And other verbatims in young hollywood
  1. What's your favourite colour? Yeah project it on the hue lights
  2. I quite enjoy classic films as in I haven't seen that many but I much prefer them to most modern films especially the old romantic ones
  3. Let's ride some horses tomorrow
  4. It's pretty easy to tell the gender of a horse...
  5. He's three doctors deep, which is my rap name
  6. I would fart in ur face and you would smell it as cherry blossoms
    I'm sure some men would pay you for that service
  7. He threw a sock at me and it got in my avocado
  8. First of all anyone that's on Pottermore tryna find out their house is a Hufflepuff
  9. Chrissy Tegan followed me on twitter the other day that's how I know I'm good on twitter