My band The Never Ending shot this lil acoustic video for a song called Secondhand, and I've heard myself say these things about "the process"
  1. hurt so good
  2. like if you were trapped inside a ukulele's body and you ugly cried
  3. I didn't mean to
  4. I never cared about falling in love until I did it and then I forgot to how care about anything except through the eyes of that love dude it was so weird
  5. I didn't know what else to do
  6. Basically couldn't understand why discovering safety and respect and acceptance and home and freedom felt like something I should be afraid of
  7. Yeah but like have you ever been terrified of yourself
  8. In the hour it took to write that shit, I got more poison out of me that was left by this abusive situation than in three years of self-medicating and therapy
  9. I mean I kinda like woke up and it was on the back of a bill envelope next to me so technically I don't know that I wrote it